8 ways to address child marriage in conflict- and crisis-affected settings

Explore the latest evidence, solutions, tools and resources for preventing and responding to child marriage in conflict- and crisis-affected settings.

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In the time it has taken to read this article 84 girls under the age of 18 have been married

Each year, 12 million girls are married before the age of 18

That is 23 girls every minute

Nearly 1 every 2 seconds

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Fact sheet and brief

CRANK Research Spotlight: Addressing child marriage and supporting married girls in conflict- and crisis-affected settings

Research Spotlight covering the latest research and evidence related to child marriage programming in conflict- and crisis-affected settings, including key takeaways, evidence gaps and ideas for further research and programming.

CRANK research meeting: Child marriage in conflict- and crisis-affected settings – Learning from the latest evidence

In this second quarterly research meeting of 2023, we will discuss recent evidence and learnings on how to address the unique aspects of implementing and evaluating interventions with refugees in conflict- and crisis-affected settings.


Evidence review: Child marriage interventions and research from 2020 to 2022

Review looking at emerging evidence on interventions to prevent and respond to child marriage and support married girls. Includes key takeaways organised by theme and recommendations for child marriage research, programming, policy and funding.

Fact sheet and brief

Preventing conflict-related sexual violence is possible and requires urgent action

Brief exploring the links between conflict-related sexual violence and child marriage, with evidence from around the world on drivers and what works to address them, and recommendations for policy, programming, research and coordination.

Fact sheet and brief

Research Spotlight: 'Child marriage in humanitarian settings' and 'challenging gender norms to end child marriage'

Research Spotlight covering evidence on girl-led and girl-centred research in humanitarian settings, and on challenging gender norms to end child marriage.

CRANK research meeting: Child marriage in humanitarian settings

This CRANK global research meeting was open to all. In it, we shared findings from girl-centred, girl-led research on child marriage in humanitarian settings. There was also be space for…

Child marriage and humanitarian contexts

An overview of the key facts, drivers and consequences of child marriage in humanitarian contexts, and recommendations on how to prioritise girls and end the practice in times of crisis.

Fact sheet and brief

Child marriage in humanitarian contexts

This brief summarises what we know about child marriage in humanitarian contexts and where we need to accelerate action to meet global development targets by 2030.

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