Take action

Join our global community of activists and take action to end child marriage. By taking simple actions together, we can build a world where girls are free and able to reach their full potential. Here, you can engage with a range of activities, from community crowd funders to global petitions and campaigns.

Photo: Girls Not Brides/Thom Pierce

Donate to our members

Girls Not Brides members are a diverse network of civil society organisations working to end child marriage around the world. You can support our cause by donating directly to them.

Support a campaign

The more people call for an end to child marriage, the more likely it is that decision-makers will hear us and act. Raise your voice with ours to build a better future for girls all around the world.

Dedicate your wedding

Make a donation, start a fundraiser for your guests, buy VOW-branded products or make VOW your wedding registry charity of choice, so that your wedding can help girls around the world choose their own futures.

Join our Partnership

By joining our Partnership as a member you will make the global movement to end child marriage stronger. We work, learn and grow together, drawing global attention to the issue and advancing real change for girls at every level.

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