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Find here reports, policy briefs and factsheets about child marriage, as well as capacity building tools for organisations and individuals working to end child marriage.

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Leveraging United Nations human rights mechanisms to end child marriage: A step-by-step toolkit for civil society organisations

Toolkit for engaging with four key human rights mechanisms to end child marriage. This toolkit includes explanations for each, how they link with child marriage, and extra resources, tips and…


External Evaluation of Girls Not Brides’ Learning Work 2020-2023

Report, executive summary and management response from an independent evaluation of Girls Not Brides' learning work from 2020 to 2023.

Fact sheet and brief, Infographic

CRANK Research Spotlight: Economic empowerment interventions to address child marriage

Brief and poster looking at the evidence behind the WHO recommendation to implement interventions to improve girls' economic empowerment, and the implications for policy and programmatic work and research. Includes further evidence, insights and practical tools to implement these initiatives.

Fact sheet and brief, Report

The impact of the law on child marriage and girls' rights

A review of the evidence on the impact of age of marriage and sexual consent laws, presented as a brief and longer report. The brief draws on insights from Girls Not Brides member organisations to highlight key considerations for our work, to ensure the best outcomes for girls, in all their diversity.

Fact sheet and brief

CRANK Research Spotlight: Education interventions to address child marriage and support married girls

Brief and poster exploring the evidence behind the WHO recommendation to remove gender-based barriers and ensure girls' completion of 12 years of quality education. Includes implications for policy and programmatic work and research, and practical tools to support implementation of such interventions.

Fact sheet and brief

The Sustainable Development Goals and child marriage

Brief outlining the nine Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that depend on ending child marriage, with calls for accelerated action by governments and civil society involvement in holding them to account.


Kantu, fierté pour les jeunes « Kantu, pride for young people »

This comic strip aims to break the taboos against menstruation and make menstruation a subject of right to health, education and equality in schools.

Girls Not Brides materials, Impact

Changemakers: Stories of Gender Justice Champions working in India to End Child Marriage

This booklet captures transformative stories of selected Gender Justice Champions. Drawing from the Gender Leadership Programme (GLP), it provides glimpses of the work done by these champions, documenting their personal transformations and year-long learning projects and highlighting their efforts to bring a more gender-transformative approach to their work, to transform organisational practices, and embed the approach in their state coalitions or Partnerships.


WHO ethical and safety recommendations for researching, documenting and monitoring sexual violence in emergencies

Guidance on the specific issues that arise during the collection of information about sexual violence – including child and forced marriage or cohabitation – in emergencies. It includes eight recommendations to ensure the necessary safety and ethical safeguards are in place before data gathering begins, supported by examples of good practice in emergency and non-emergency settings.

Case study, Report

Gender-transformative collective action to end child marriage and advance girls' rights: The experience of Coligação para Eliminação dos Casamentos Prematuros, the Girls Not Brides National Partnership to End Child Marriage in Mozambique

Report outlining the key moments and collective priorities of the Mozambique National Partnership's gender-transformative journey so far. It includes a review of the evidence and data, the partnership's gender-transformative ranking and road map of priorities for collective action to advance girl's rights.

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