The law and child marriage

Progressive legal frameworks are one element of a comprehensive response to address child marriage, as reflected within the Girls Not Brides Theory of Change. Any legal change to address child marriage has to be accompanied by a comprehensive approach supported by laws, policies and programmes that put the autonomy and the rights of girls at the centre.

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Fact sheet and brief, Report

The impact of the law on child marriage and girls' rights

A review of the evidence on the impact of age of marriage and sexual consent laws, presented as a brief and longer report. The brief draws on insights from Girls Not Brides member organisations to highlight key considerations for our work, to ensure the best outcomes for girls, in all their diversity.

The impact of age of marriage and sexual consent laws on child marriage and girls’ rights

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Prospects for Ending Child Marriage in Africa: Implications on Legislation, Policy, Culture & Interventions

This brief provides broad recommendations for effective laws, policies and programmes to reduce child marriage in ten countries in Africa.


A Guide to Using the SADC Model Law on Eradicating Child Marriage and Protecting Children Already in Marriage

A user-friendly Guide to using the SADC Model Law.

Fact sheet and brief

Parliamentary good practices for effective implementation of laws and policies for prevention of child marriage

Drawing on ten case studies, the report assesses a variety of programmatic and policy approaches to address child marriage, with a focus on measurable, proven results.


Ending child marriage: Child marriage laws and their limitations

This brief summarises research on the lack of legal protection against child marriage for girls and marriages that take place below the national minimum age of marriage.


The status of child marriage in India: A guide for NGOs and CSOs on using the law to end child marriages in India

A guide to the causes, consequences and legal framework on child marriage in India, and how to use it in prevention work. Includes a directory of child marriage prohibition officers.


Reforming the legislation on the age of marriage: successful experiences and lessons learned from Latin America and the Caribbean

This report by several UN agencies explores how legal reforms can be a first step in addressing child marriage in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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