Power To Girls campaign

Power To Girls campaign

Our campaign calls for immediate and urgent action to end child marriage.

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Girls Not Brides members are a diverse network of civil society organisations working to end child marriage around the world. Their experience, unique understanding and longstanding connections with girls and communities are the driving force of our movement. You can support our cause by donating directly to them.

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The more people call for an end to child marriage, the more likely it is that decision-makers will hear us and act. Raise your voice with ours to build a better future for girls all around the world.

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By joining our Partnership as a member you will make the global movement to end child marriage stronger. We work, learn and grow together, drawing global attention to the issue and advancing real change for girls at every level.

Our partnership is made up of more than 1500 organisations in over 100 countries

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A young Ugandan mother sits with her baby

About us

We believe in a world without child marriage, where girls and women enjoy equal status with boys and men, and can achieve their full potential. Together we have the will, the know-how and the organisational strength to make this vision a reality.

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