Where can I get funding?

Fundraising can be time consuming and challenging, especially if you are a small organisation. We have identified potential donors and opportunities to support your fundraising around child marriage.

Potential Donors

You will find below a list of donors, foundations and other organisations interested in supporting either civil society organisations of small and medium sizes or working on child marriage, women and girls and other related issues.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. For more details on these potential donors, download our guide.

Girls First Fund

The Girls First Fund supports community-led efforts to prevent and respond to child marriage. It takes a broad approach to the issue, supporting a range of programmes including those that work directly with girls, engage families and communities, provide services, and advocate for laws and policies. Grant making will begin in 2019, with a focus on up to USD $50,000 one-year core or project grants in the Democratic Republic of the (Haut Katanga and/or Tanganyika provinces only), Dominican Republic, India (Jharkhand only), Nepal, Niger, and Uganda.

Donors to the Girls First Fund include the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Dutch Postcode Lottery, Ford Foundation, The Kendeda Fund, NoVo Foundation, and an anonymous donor.

Please visit the Girls First Fund website to find out more about the Fund’s eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Global Foundations

These grant-making organisations have broad global reach, and focus on a variety of issues related to child marriage and the empowerment of women and girls. As they vary in their requirements and application processes, read their guidelines carefully before applying.

Foundations with a regional or thematic focus


Crowdfunding allows you to raise small amounts of money from a large number of individuals online. It is an increasingly popular for charities to fund their projects.

United Nations agencies

Some United Nations agencies and departments offer funding directly to civil society organisations.

Government agencies

Government development agencies occasionally assist civil society with funding on a range of activities. Check which agencies have offices in their country, and what work they focus on. The following governments have on occasion assisted civil society working on child marriage:

For more details on leading government development agencies, visit fundsforNGOs.

Foreign embassies

Some countries’ foreign embassies provide small grants to organisations based in the host countries. This has been the case for Canada, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States and Sweden, among others. Research or contact embassies to explore opportunities for funding or other types of support.

For a comprehensive list of embassies, visit Embassy World

Online resources

There is a wealth of information, tips and resources online – particularly ones that specialise in funding on women’s and girls’ issues.

Funding opportunities

These funding opportunities may be relevant to civil society organisations working on child marriage and related issues.

Women’s Fund Asia: 2018 Call for Proposals for ‘Leading from the South’

Women’s Fund Asia is seeking proposals for its Leading from the South programme. It supports activism devised, implemented, and led by women’s rights organisations in the Global South. The call is open to 18 countries in East and Southeast Asia.

Apply here. Deadline: 15 November 2018.

British Council #IdeasChangeLives

Do you have a great digital idea that has the potential to create a better world? If so, enter the #IdeasChangeLives challenge! You could win a prize of £20,000 and the chance to work with the British Council on an initiative to help achieve one of six of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Apply here. Deadline: 23 November 2018

2018 AGFUND International Prize

2018 AGFUND International Prize will award projects that best contribute to achieving one or more of the targets of the first 2030 Sustainable Development Goal: “End of poverty in all its forms everywhere”.

Apply here. Deadline: 30 November 2018.

Comic Relief’s Power Up: Resourcing Women’s And Girls’ Movements for Change Program

This program aims to support a diverse range of women’s rights organizations to fight against systems which perpetuate the injustices they encounter in their daily lives. Up to £300K for single applicants, or up to £500k for partnerships. Eligible countries are: United Kingdom, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Apply here. Deadline: 7 December 2018.

Mundo Cooperante - The Right to be a Girl

Mundo Cooperante have just announced their second call (2018/19) for proposals for their funding stream called The Right to be a Girl. This funding scheme will offer small support grants to organisations working within their communities to end child marriage. Applications can be submitted in English, French and Spanish.

Apply here. Deadlines vary according to the type of application. First deadline is 15 December 2018.


Seizing the Moment: Global Sudden Opportunity Grants

Voice is seeking to support sudden and unanticipated opportunities that are multi-country or regional. Eligible organisations should be operating in one of the following countries: Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, with a maximum budget of Euro 2 million.

Apply here. Deadline: 31 December 2018.


Kitchen Table Charities Trust

The Kitchen Table Charities Trust was created to help small charities, working mostly in Africa, which are using small amounts of money to transform peoples’ lives. The priorities of the Trust are: primary education, health, sanitation and clean drinking water; child and mother care, including street children and maternity services, and poverty alleviation, especially revenue generating projects.

More information here. No deadline. Applications on a rolling basis.

Urgent Action Fund-Africa

Urgent Action Fund-Africa provides financial support for strategic interventions that take advantage of opportunities to advance women’s human rights. Such opportunities arise when an unexpected event – positive or negative – creates a situation in which rapid intervention can have a significant impact. Urgent Action Fund-Africa makes grants in five categories, which include supporting human rights defenders and protecting women’s individual dignity, safety and autonomy. Applications accepted in both English and French.

Apply here. No deadline. Applications on a rolling basis.

HER Voice Fund: Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) Grant to Influence Policy

HER Voice Fund gives grants of up to USD 2,000 for activities that seek to influence policy processes. Eligible countries are: Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Applications accepted in both English and French.

Apply here. No deadline. Applications on a rolling basis.

Faith + Family Planning Fund: Advocacy Action Fund for Faith Organisations

Faith Plus Family Planning is a new initiative of Champions of Global Reproductive Rights (PAI). The $1 million fund provides faith-based organisations in the developing world with small grants and technical support to hold governments accountable for providing quality family planning and reproductive health services.

Apply here. Rolling deadline.

Medicor Foundation

Medicor Foundation focuses on development projects in the fields of education, health and social care in countries in Africa, Latin America and The Caribbean, as well as in Eastern Europe.

Apply here. No deadline. Applications on a rolling basis.

Fondation Pro Victimis (FPV)

Fondation Pro Victimis supports initiatives that aim at restoring or giving greater autonomy to the most vulnerable groups or segments of the population. Applications accepted in French, English and Spanish.

Apply here. No deadline. Applications on a rolling basis.

The Hilden Charitable Fund

The Hilden Charitable Fund is currently inviting applications to award grants to projects both in the UK and in developing countries with an aim to address disadvantages, notably by supporting causes which are less likely to raise funds from public subscriptions.

Apply here. No deadline. Applications on a rolling basis.

Abilis Foundation

Promoting the Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Developing Countries.

Apply here. No deadline. Applications on a rolling basis.


Children’s rights and women’s rights projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Apply here. No deadline. Applications on a rolling basis.

ViiV Healthcare

Positive Action for Girls and Women (PAGW) is committed to tackling key behavioural and structural barriers that may increase adolescent girls’ and young women’s vulnerability to HIV. ViiV Healthcare has committed £2 million per year over five years (2015 – 2020) to encourage community-led interventions that target adolescent girls and young women worldwide. They seek to fund projects that address sexual violence, harmful practices, early marriage, and sexual and reproductive health and rights for underserved adolescent girls and young women.

Apply here. No deadline. Applications on a rolling basis.

Oak Foundation

Supports organisations working to end violence against women and girls, including by transforming harmful social norms.

Apply here. No deadline. Applications on a rolling basis.

Fondation SUEZ

The Fondation SUEZ supports activities that combat exclusion by favouring inclusion and consequently sustainably improving the living conditions and autonomy of persons via access to essential services, social insertion and social harmony.

Apply here. No deadline. Applications on a rolling basis.

Dubai Cares

Supporting education programmes in developing countries.

Apply here. No deadline. Applications on a rolling basis.

Anglo American Group Foundation

Supports registered charities working on community development, education and training, and HIV/AIDS and welfare. Focus on Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, India, Peru, UK and Zimbabwe.

Apply here. No deadline. Applications on a rolling basis.

Cargill Grants

Grants for projects relating to food security, education and environmental stewardship.

Apply here. No deadline. Applications on a rolling basis.

Partner organisations

Girls Not Brides collaborates with donors and a range of organisations to connect members with funding opportunities and support.



Crowdfunding offers a unique opportunity to raise small amounts of money from a large number of individuals online. It is an increasingly popular way for charities to fund their projects.


GlobalGiving is one of the largest crowdfunding community connects donors with grassroots projects around the world.

Every three months, they run the GlobalGiving Accelerator, an opportunity for you and your organisation to build skills, access tools and grow your base of supporters to achieve crowdfunding success.

The next round of applications closes on 20 October.

Visit their website Apply to Accelerator

Strategic partners

Girls Not Brides partners with a range of organisations that offer funding opportunities to members.

Mundo Cooperante has launched “The right to be a girl”, a small grant scheme for community-based organisations working to end child marriage.

Mundo Cooperante is a member of Girls Not Brides and this funding opportunity is exclusively available to member organisations.

There are specific criteria, so visit their website to find out more.

Find out how to apply