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How can I improve my chances of getting funding?

We hear time and time again from our members that there is a need for guidance on how to fundraise effectively. Here you will find a comprehensive toolkit, tips from donors and members, as well as other resources to strengthen your fundraising.

Fundraising toolkit

Follow these tips as you apply for funding. For a step-by-step guide to design strong projects and write successful proposals, check out our toolkit.

Be active in your outreach!

Keep a list of donors and when their grant schemes open. Visit their website and sign up to their newsletter. Connect with them on social media. This way you can learn about their latest opportunities and calls for proposals.

Make sure that you and your potential donor match

Do not try to fit into their interests if you can not. Research who else has been sponsored by them. This way you can learn about the organisations and projects they sponsor and how to pitch to them.

Carefully review the guidelines

Are you eligible and suitable for the funding round? If so, explain why your organisation is a good fit. Trust your local knowledge and expertise. You understand your context and the issues you face, so talk about them in your application.

Define the changes you want to see and how your project will help to achieve them

Explain the steps you will take, the approach you have chosen and include past examples of success. Be realistic about what your project can achieve and by when.

Fundraising takes time and effort, so dedicate enough time and energy

In your proposal, include a budget line for your fundraising activities and the resources it will require.

Mention the partners, networks or coalitions you work with

Say that you are a member of Girls Not Brides! Many donors want to see that you are working with others to achieve your goals.