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It’s time all young people say ‘nothing about us, without us!’

We currently have the largest youth population in history. Young people are the most affected by child marriage: we are not going to end this harmful practice without them.

We often hear that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow; but here at Girls Not Brides, we know that young people are already leading! Decisions about the future cannot be made without those who will live in it – the youth of today must be empowered to speak out for the future they want. Engaging youth, working with both boys and girls, is key to transforming gender norms and vital in breaking the cycle of child marriage. Young people must be heard, and we must include them in working on ending child marriage; to put a stop to this practice for this generation and for those to come!

Stand up, Speak out!

This is why we are so excited about the new Girls Not Brides youth activism training programme, called “Stand Up, Speak Out”. These new training resources offer you a carefully planned series of workshops, all designed to empower young people; both by building knowledge around child marriage and by strengthening the skills they need to become powerful change makers. Throughout the training, there are dynamic, fun methods and strategies we have included for empowering young people to champion change in their communities.

Trainer manual

The programme comes as a package of two resources. First, we have developed a Trainer Manual. This is divided into 5 modules, each covering specific topics which take participants on a journey of discovery to become powerful agents of change. It offers step-by-step guidance on how to run a series of training workshops with young people interested in speaking out against child marriage and developing their activism skills.

Download the Trainer Manual

Participant guide

The second resource is a Participant Guide for young people who join in the training sessions. This guide acts as a textbook on all the content covered in the training, and to act as a guide for participants on how to advocate for change, and is designed to accompany the training series.

Download the Participant Guide

Co-created with young activists and member organisations from around the world, the training will help strengthen the role that young people can, and do, play in ending child marriage.

We want people around the world – of all ages – to use this training programme to help spread the power and call for a better future. Through being part of this training programme, we hope that youth people everywhere will feel empowered with stronger expertise and skills, to help them make a change in their world.

Help us mobilise young people for a stronger global movement to end child marriage!


Stand Up, Speak Out in Hindi

The “Stand Up, Speak Out” youth activism training programme is also available in Hindi. Scroll down to download both resources!