Ending child marriage in the time of COVID-19: What role for parliaments?

IPU, World Health Organization, UNFPA-UNICEF Global Programme to End Child Marriage & Girls Not Brides: The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage, 8 Feb 2022, 14:00 CET

Parliaments have been acting in various ways to prevent and respond to child marriage. This webinar will shed further light on such efforts and their results. It will bring together parliamentarians, government officials, civil society representatives and United Nations representatives, with the aim of:

- Sharing information about the current state of child marriage globally and the impact of COVID-19;

- Discussing tangible actions that parliamentarians can take to prevent child marriage and respond to it in the time of COVID-19;

- Promoting dialogue between parliamentarians and other stakeholders working on child marriage prevention at the national and global levels.

The working languages will be English, French and Spanish (simultaneous interpretation will be provided).

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