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“Early marriage: one size too big!”, says new Turkish report

Our member Flying Broom recently released an English version of its report on “Early and Forced Marriages” in Turkey and around the globe. The report addresses early and forced marriage from a number of perspectives: law, healthcare, education, human rights and much more. You can download it here: Flying Broom – Flying News publication on ‘Early and Forced Marriage’.

The special edition of Flying Broom Women’s Communication and Research Association’s journal on ‘early and forced marriages’ in English is out. In the journal printed in association with the Norwegian Embassy, the slogan ‘Early marriage:  one size too big!’  is drawing attention.

Flying Broom published the special edition of the journal Flying News on early and forced marriages in Turkish two years ago. To inform researchers, journalists and non-governmental organisation representatives outside of Turkey about work in the field of child marriages and to help motivate international cooperation, an English edition was published.

In the journal, there are many articles on subjects such as the consequences of early and forced marriage on women and children’s health, legal rights and education; the struggle against these marriages by international agreements and precautions taken by the governments; and the results of early marriage. The journal not only contributes to the increase of publications on early and forced marriages, but also provides an increase in the knowledge of the subject with its many news, articles and interviews.

The conversations with Prof. Yakin Erturk who previously worked in United Nations as a raporteur of Violence against Women, the voluntary advisor of Flying Broom’s child brides projects Prof. Yildiz Ecevit, feminist researcher Leyla Pervizat, Adem Arkadas from International Child Center, Commercial Sexual Exploitation against Children Struggle Network Coordinator Sahin Antakyalioglu and the film director Bingol Elmas who traces early marriages in his documentary ‘Evcilik’ awaits their readers in the journal.

Selen Dogan, Gozde Dagdelen, Isil Bayraktar, Selin Berghan and Alessia Altamura also contributed to the journal. The views of UNICEF and Girls Not Brides refer to the global extent of the early marriage problem.

Further in the magazine, the works of No to Child Brides platform which was established last month under the guidance of Flying Broom is also presented.

Flying Broom, the only women’s organisation to work on child marriage all over Turkey, has printed many publications and has made documentaries and short films on this subject in recent years. Flying Broom continues to bring this destructive tradition to the agenda in all its parts and create awareness with its ‘Child Brides’ projects launched in 2010 with the contributions of Sabanci Foundation; and underlines that from the parliament to local governments, universities to private sector, all parts of the community should play their role in the solution of this problem.

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To download the report: Flying Broom – Flying News publication on ‘Early and Forced Marriage’.