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Here you'll find the latest news and stories about child marriage, and the work our member organisations and partners in the broader movement are doing to end the harmful practice.

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Impact Report 2023


Advocating at CSW68 to end child marriage: Wrap-up


What if Africa paved the way towards global wellbeing? Reflections from the Wellbeing Summit Dakar - Thiès 2023

  • Elena Bonometti (Contributor/Contributeur), Matar Toure (Contributor/Contributeur), Magdaline Majuma (Contributor/Contributeur)

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Blog, News, Press release

Government of Malawi Announces Increased Commitment to End Child Marriage

Blog, Girls voices

Changing the pattern: How tailoring is helping young refugees say "no" to child marriage


The “new normal" – how technology is helping CESOCODE prevent child marriage during COVID-19

  • Rhiannon Carroll

In the aftermath of Cyclone Idai, it is girls who are most at risk

En-route to a better tomorrow: the connection between migration and early marriage

  • Tasneem Kakal

Malawi: Constitution no longer allows child marriage

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