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Become a strategy hero

All Girls Not Brides members have a critical role to play in achieving our vision to end child marriage. And we’re counting on you to achieve our ambitious new strategy by 2020!

Implementing this together does not require extra work. Get involved at your own pace by being a strategy supporter, a collaborator or a hero.

1) Be a strategy supporter
Small steps first

Strategy supporters take small but invaluable actions in realising our global strategy. Take these steps to show your support:

  • Read the strategy and the user guide in full.
  • Consider how your organisation can or is contributing to the strategy and its six goals. Are there one or more goals that you can prioritise and work towards? For example, by working with communities and ensuring their voices are heard and valued, you are contributing to Goal C.
  • Share the strategy with your networks and partners. Spread the word about our vision and action plan and get more people involved. Only by working together will we be able to end child marriage.


Girls Not Brides members at a workshop prior to the UK Girl Summit held in July 2014. Photo credit: Ravi Juneja | Girls Not Brides

2) Be a strategy collaborator

Youth photo (2) at AGS 2015

Want to do more?

Strategy collaborators reach out to new and existing partners to make sure ending child marriage is everyone’s business. Take these steps to become one:

  • Use the strategy goals to inform your advocacy work and calls to action. Have a look at Goal A (Governments), C (Communities) or D (funding) for ideas.
  • Include a bigger focus on communities in your work. Changing attitudes and behaviours is integral to ending child marriage. If you already work closely with communities, partner with similar organisations to increase the impact and scale of your work.
  • Involve youth in your work. This way you help to make sure that all you do to end child marriage reflects the voices and priorities of those most affected: girls themselves.
  • Integrate child marriage across the board. Look at the work your organisation does: can you include child marriage in other programmes, sectors or address it with different partners? Use this resource to get started.
  • Take part in collective action with Girls Not Brides members and the secretariat. Together we can speak in one loud voice. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep in touch!
3) Be a strategy hero
Take it to the highest level

Our strategy heroes make exceptional contributions towards building a world free of child marriage. They champion the Girls Not Brides strategy and our collective mission in everything they do. Take these steps to become one yourself:

  • Put affected girls at the heart of your work. Be it an advocacy campaign or a programme, involve girls in all stages of your work – from the design, implementation and monitoring to the review of your work. Use this resource to get started.
  • Coordinate your work and collaborate with others to address child marriage. Find Girls Not Brides members working in your country and connect with them.
  • Share best practices and lessons learned from your work to end child marriage. It is by sharing what works and what doesn’t that we will become more effective at addressing child marriage. Have a look at our latest blogs and stories.
  • Advocate for more funding to address child marriage. Sustainable funding is critical to changing social norms around child marriage and providing quality services.
  • Help build the capacity of community-based organisations and other Girls Not Brides members. A stronger, more coordinated civil society is key to ending child marriage.
  • Carry out research to fill the gaps on what works to end child marriage. Share your research findings with the Girls Not Brides Learning Team to help us fill the gaps.
  • Join and play an active role in a Girls Not Brides National Partnership. Find out about our existing National Partnerships here.


Tell us what you're doing

Here are some examples of how members, policy-makers and funders are making the Girls Not Brides 2017- 2020 strategy a reality!

  • Goal A: Governments. Are you involved in the development and implementation of a national initiative to address child marriage? Are you trying to influence laws and policies? Let us know! For example, see how the Afghan government and the Ghanaian government have taken steps towards addressing child marriage.
  • Goal B: Global. Are you championing the issue of child marriage and advocating for a better future for girls? How are you adding your voice to our global call for change? For example, the Secretary General of the Organization of the American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, has called for urgent action to address child marriage in the Americas.
  • Goal C: Communities. Send us stories of how your work is making a difference in the lives of girls, families and their communities. Like Monica, the co-founder of Girl Up Initiative in Uganda, who teaches girls about their bodies and their rights.
  • Goal D: Funding. Are you helping civil society organisations to access funding so they can address child marriage? Or have you, as a civil society organisation been successful in your funding proposals? We want to hear from you! Find out how to strengthen your funding applications.
  • Goal E: Learning. Tell us if you are generating new, interesting data around child marriage – it could be about its drivers or impact in your context, or about the effectiveness of your programmes. We are more effective when we learn from each other. Read eight insights from our members on how to address child marriage.
  • Goal F: Partnerships. Show us when you are working with other Girls Not Brides members to achieve your goals, be it around an advocacy campaign, a training or at the community level. Read about civil society coming together in Togo to address child marriage in their communities.

Share your stories on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #endchildmarriage and tagging @GirlsNotBrides in your post.

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