Girls Not Brides Bangladesh: The Bangladesh Alliance to End Child Marriage was launched in September 2013, and became an official Girls Not Brides National Partnership in July 2014. Girls Not Brides Bangladesh has over 20 members, ranging from small grassroots organisations to country offices of larger INGOs.

Girls Not Brides Bangladesh at a planning meeting in February 2017. Photo credit: Girls Not Brides Bangladesh.


Girls Not Brides Bangladesh has been a vocal opponent of recent legislative proposals to lower the minimum age of marriage to 16 years old (in 2014) and to allow for child marriage in “special cases” (in 2016-2017).

They are closely involved with the development of the National Strategy and Action Plan on ending Child Marriage.

Girls Not Brides Bangladesh jointly organised the Bangladesh Girl Summit in 2014, in collaboration with Bangladesh Government, the UK Department for International Development and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Girls Not Brides Bangladesh has a steering committee and a secretariat that is coordinated by BRAC Bangladesh.

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