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Prospects for Ending Child Marriage in Africa: Implications on Legislation, Policy, Culture & Interventions

Organisation: UN Women Year: 2019

This study by UN Women reviewed existing customary practices, policies, laws and programmes across ten countries in Africa. It aimed to look at challenges and factors of success and offers broad recommendations for strengthened interventions to address child marriage. Some examples include:

  • Strengthening the design, monitoring & evaluation of programmes, and ensuring that initiatives to address gender-based violence also address child marriage.
  • Ensuring communities and the media work together to develop strategies to address harmful social norms.
  • Enabling and strengthening access to education, health, psycho-social support, and empowerment services for child brides and girls at risk of child marriage.
  • Engaging girls in national planning and budgeting of resources at all levels.
  • Strengthening awareness, implementation and enforcement of legal frameworks to address child marriage, at all levels.
  • Strengthening the capacity of institutions and authorities at all levels, to monitor and report, the implementation of frameworks on ending child marriage.

It was based on UN Women discussions with various country and regional experts, and their analysis of available reports and information on existing and past intervention programmes.

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