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National Strategic Framework on Ending Child Marriage in Ghana 2017 – 2026

Organisation: Ministry of Women, Children and Social Protection in Ghana Year: 2017

To ensure effective, well structured, well-guided collaboration between state and non-state institutions along with all relevant stakeholders, a National Strategic Framework on Ending Child Marriage in Ghana was required. After a year-long consultation process the Ministry developed this comprehensive 10 year plan along with a two- year work plan.

The Strategic Framework is an operational document that mirrors Ghana’s pledge to end child marriage and teenage pregnancy. This framework ultimately seeks to provide an integrated vision and clear direction to all sectors at various levels involved with prevention and response efforts at addressing child marriage in Ghana.

The document sets out clear national goals, objectives, strategies and key interventions across different sectors that will lead to the gradual elimination of the practice. The document was developed through a hands-on participatory process involving a wide range of stakeholders who provided in-depth information, data and perspective on effective ways Ghana can address the issue.

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