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How to launch your own national ‘Stop Stealing Her Childhood’ petition

Author: Girls Not Brides Year: 2019

This toolkit will support you to launch your own country-level petition calling on your government to reinforce their commitment to end child marriage at the SDG Summit.

By launching a petition in your country you can demand action from your elected leaders and show your government and head of state that your country won’t stand for child marriage. It’s a simple way of drawing attention to the issue and putting pressure on a decision-maker to take action around a key moment.

Your national petition will form part of the larger global campaign that the Girls Not Brides’ team will be promoting in the lead up to the SDG Summit. By working together to collect as many signatures as possible over the next couple of months, we will be able to combine all our efforts for one large petition delivery in New York during the SDG Summit. If we make enough noise, governments will have to listen!

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