Gender and child rights in eastern Africa: a survey of laws and policies on child marriage, economic exploitation and inheritance

Organisation: The African Child Policy Forum Year: 2015

This report by the African Child Policy Forum examines the interaction of gender and child rights in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Sudan, and focused on three themes: child marriage; economic and sexual exploitation; and inheritance rights.

In particular, the report:

  • Identifies challenges in the effective implementation of legal and policy frameworks and makes key recommendations for action.
  • Highlights progress made by governments and other stakeholders towards ensuring the protection of children, particularly girls, from discriminatory practices.
  • Identifies good practices that can be replicated to protect children from gender-based discrimination
  • Highlights the failures and persisting challenges in each of the countries studied.

The report contains a Framework for analysing gender and child rights that will guide various stakeholders in determining or ensuring that their laws and policies on children are gender sensitive, responsive and accountable.

TAGS: Report Kenya Sudan South Sudan Ethiopia Rwanda Sub-Saharan Africa Human rights and justice Strengthening laws and policies National frameworks