G7 Advocacy Briefs

Author: Girls Not Brides Organisation: Girls Not Brides Year: 2019

Girls Not Brides are calling on G7 countries to prioritise and act on child marriage. These advocacy briefs call on leaders in G7 countries to recognise the need for global level action on child marriage, to develop concrete solutions that are applied at the local level, and to pledge funding to support the implementation of policies and programmes to empower girls.

We are also showcasing the Southern African Development Community Model Model Law on Child Marriage as an example of best-practice gender equality legislation, calling on the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council to include it within their legislative package, and to encourage the uptake of strong laws on child marriage.

A major focus of the work at this year’s G7 will be on the Sahel region, which has some of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. This is an important moment to encourage seven of the world’s largest donors to direct resources and efforts to prioritising ending child marriage in this region. You can use our Sahel brief to advocate to G7 and G5 leaders on the importance of accelerating development in the Sahel by taking action on the root causes child marriage.


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