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Family honour and shattered dreams: Girl brides in Mali, Niger and Senegal

Author: Text: Jenny Morgan; editing: Faty Kane Organisation: Plan International Year: 2017

By exploring the drivers of child marriage in communities in Mali, Niger and Senegal, this two-year qualitative research by Plan contributes to the ongoing efforts to better understand child marriage in West Africa.

The research brings a new perspective – that of girls, boys, their parents and their communities – and nuances some of the common assumptions made about why and how child marriage happens in the region. The study found that child marriage is rooted in the notion that a family has “honour”, and that this honour resides in the bodies and sexual behaviour of girls and women.

This new evidence aims to inform child marriage interventions and help them tailor their approach to the variety of contexts in Mali, Niger, Senegal.

The report includes country case studies and key recommendations addressed to decision-makers in the region.


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