Entre nous, the European magazine for sexual and reproductive health: child marriage

Organisation: UNFPA, World Health Organization (WHO) Year: 2012

This special issue of Entre Nous, a sexual and reproductive health magazine in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, focuses on child marriage, including:

1. Early marriage: cause and consequence of gender inequality and a violation of human rights.
2. Child marriage and Roma.
3. Child marriage in Central Asia.
4. Early marriages and global research priorities on adolescent sexual and reproductive health.
5. Early age of first sexual intercourse: its relationship to early marriage and sexual health risks in Albanian female adolescents.
6. Child marriages in Kyrgyzstan: disadvantages without advantages.
7. Child marriage in Tajikistan.
8. The destiny of young people in Turkey.
9. International Day of the Girl Child 2012: My life, my right, end child marriage

TAGS: Research article Tajikistan Turkey Kyrgyzstan Albania Eastern Europe and Central Asia Human rights and justice Health