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Building girls’ protective assets: a collection of tools for program design

Organisation: Population Council Year: 2016

This toolkit is intended for organisations that are committed to extending their programmes to reach excluded sub-populations of girls and young women—whether they are the poorest girls in the poorest communities, the 10–14-year-old girls who are out of school and not living with either parent, or another sub-population of young girls that is likely to miss out.

The collection contains tools and exercises to help programmers translate evidence on “what works” into girl-centred programming. The resources in this collection focus on programmes that have been effective—through empowerment and the building of protective assets—in reducing girls’ risks and broadening their opportunities.

The tools and exercises in this collection will help programme staff:

  • Assess and adjust current target groups and establish new target groups to ensure they are reaching those most in need of protective assets;
  • Adapt program materials to respond to the reality of girls’ lives;
  • Monitor and evaluate to measure effects and adjust activities to increase impact.

TAGS: Toolkit International Empowering girls Programme design