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Building the foundations for sustainable development: a case for global investment in the capabilities of adolescents

Author: Peter Sheehan, Kim Sweeny, Bruce Rasmussen, Annababette Wils, Howard S Friedman, Jacqueline Mahon, George C Patton, Susan M Sawyer, Eric Howard, John Symons, Karin Stenberg, Satvika Chalasani, Neelam Maharaj, Nicola Reavley, Hui Shi, Masha Fridman, Alison Welsh, Emeka Nsofor, Laura Laski Organisation: The Lancet Year: 2017

Building the capabilities of adolescents is essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

This article looks at interventions that aim to improve adolescent health and well-being in five areas – physical, mental, and sexual health; secondary schooling; child marriage; violence against women; and road traffic injury.

The research found that interventions targeting adolescent health and well-being – including those to reduce child marriage – had high social and economic returns, especially in low income countries.

The study calls for large-scale investments in adolescents in national and international policies.

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