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New infographic: What do laws around the world say on age of marriage for girls?

To mark International Day of the Girl Child 2013, Girls Not Brides has partnered with the World Policy Analysis Center to release an infographic that demonstrates the need for better and stronger laws to support girls and help them avoid child marriage.

It is generally acknowledged that child marriage disproportionately affects girls, but a 2013 report by the World Policy Analysis Center, “Children’s Chances”, demonstrated how much more vulnerable girls are to child marriage than boys:

  • The ratio of married girls to married boys aged between 15 and 19 is high in countries where early marriage is common, such as Mali, where the ratio is 72:1, and is also significant in countries where early marriage is less prevalent, such as the United States (8:1).
  • In 54 countries girls are legally permitted to marry between one and three years younger than boys.

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Child marriage infographic - World Policy Analysis Center

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  • 15 countries legally allow girls to marry 3yrs earlier than boys. Girls deserve a chance to be children too! #IDG2013

The World Policy Analysis Center is the largest data centre examining social and economic policy globally, covering hundreds of aspects of policy and national outcomes in 193 countries.