Centre for Capacity Improvement for the Wellbeing of the Vulnerable (CIWED)

CIWED is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2013 in the Northern Region of Ghana. CIWED implements community projects and runs advocacy campaigns and trainings on issues that relate to the improvement of living standards, especially for rural communities in Ghana.

Child Link Foundation-Uganda (CLF)

CLF is a non-governmental organisation based in Uganda that was founded in 2012 by a team of social workers to respond to the needs of orphaned children. CLF focuses on providing education support to children, especially those whose parents died of HIV/AIDS as well as other vulnerable children in Uganda’s Mukono District.

Women’s Voice

Women’s Voice is a community-based organisation operating in Bangladesh since 2018. Women’s Voice works in the field to advocate for the rights of children and women through campaigning, advocacy, lobbying and partnering with relevant alliances and networks.

Laureate Foundation

Laureate Foundation is a community-based organisation created in 2008 in the Pakistani province of Punjab. Laureate Foundation envisions to build a world of committed youth and seeks to empower communities, especially youth, to become catalysts for transforming their social and economic sphere into a participatory system that is led by accountable, transparent, dedicated and honest leadership.

Outlook Humanitarian Care Initiative (OHCI)

OHCI is an indigenous civil society organisation based in Abia State, Nigeria. OHCI was established in 2015 to provide sustainable solutions that empower marginalised communities in Nigeria through enhanced education, health and income generation, empowerment of women, children and youth, and community health programs.

Creating Opportunity for Change – Ghana (COC Ghana)

COC Ghana is a community-based organisation created in 2019 in Ghana’s Northern Region. COC Ghana works to improve the quality of life of children, women, youth and marginalised and disadvantaged groups in the country. The organisation’s interventions include direct provision of infrastructure, social and economic services as well as capacity building.

Morelight Youth Empowerment (MYE)

MYE is a community-based organisation based in Epworth, Zimbabwe. Established in 2018, MYE works to advocate for the fulfilment of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for youth and women, facilitate access to SRHR services for marginalised girls and raise awareness on the topic among communities.