Action Rapide d’aide Aux Vulnérables (ARAV)

ARAV is an organisation created in 2006 in the South Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. ARAV’s main areas of focus include advancing human rights, protecting children against sexual abuse, preventing HIV and AIDS, promoting good governance, and providing holistic assistance to victims of sexual violence and torture.

Association Solidarité et Actions pour le Développement Durable (A.S.A.D.D.)

A.S.A.D.D. is a non for profit organisation based in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo. Created in 2018, their main areas of work include poverty reduction, education, health, human rights, environment, water, security, and income-generating activities.

Lunas Libres y Unidas en Nuevas Acciones Sororales (LUNAS A.C.)

LUNAS A.C. is a feminist civil society organisation based in Mexico that promotes gender equality and opportunities for women and men. Established in 2008, it works to prevent, address and eradicate of all types of violence, as well as to empower groups in vulnerable situations. Among their activities, LUNAS A.C. organises workshops and group therapy for pregnant adolescent girls.

Parental Care Liberia, Inc. (PCL)

PCL is a local rights advocacy group based in Liberia. Established in 2010, the organisation undertakes an array of advocacy activities and community initiatives in the area of children’s rights protection. PCL seeks to place children development issues on the front page of policy making in Liberia, and works to end harmful traditional practices that affect the lives of teenage girls and single mothers.

Mahila Jagran Kendra (MJK)

MJK is an Indian organisation led by and for women that works to end gender based violence and discrimination. Established in 1992, it mobilises communities and adolescent girls through awareness raising campaigns. MJK works to motivate girls to avoid child marriage by focusing on education and self-reliance.

Rural Development Centre Nepal (RDC Nepal)

RDC Nepal’s mission is to address emerging development issues through humanitarian and development interventions, including policy work. Established in 2002, their main areas of work include livelihoods and inclusive economic growth, water, sanitation and hygiene, health, disaster risk management, education, gender and protection, natural resource management, good governance and peace building.

LIFE Nepal

LIFE Nepal is a women and youth-led organisation that has been active in Nepal since 2012. LIFE Nepal works in partnership with key stakeholders and like-minded organisations to address key issues that affect the community. These include gender based violence, accountability and local governance, girls’ education, life skills and income generation, conflict resolution and peace building, cultural promotion through curriculum development, and climate change.