Inua Girls Group (IGG)

Inua Girls Group is a community-based organisation that was formed in 2012 by a group of girls from different secondary girls’ schools in Garissa, Kenya. IGG’s main aims are to address the local challenges faced by marginalised pastoralist girls in the Northern part of Kenya and to empower them to champion their rights in schools and in their communities.

Samaritan Africa (SAMAF)

SAMAF is a Kenyan community-based organisation founded in 2016 by a group of indigenous professionals to undertake humanitarian and community empowerment programs. Operating in Northern Kenya, SAMAF’s work includes capacity building trainings, environmental protection, human rights, peace building and conflict transformation, good governance, and livelihood building programs.

Forum for Dignity Initiatives (FDI)

FDI is a research and advocacy forum working for sexual and gender minorities in Pakistan. Established in 2013, FDI envisions to create safety, wellbeing, equality, empowerment and futures without fear for women, youth and transgender persons. FDI’s initiatives include conducting research, advocating for legal rights, raising awareness and building capacity.

Foundation for Community and Capacity Development (FOCCAD)

FOCCAD is a Malawian organisation founded in 2002 that focuses on the thematic areas of health, education, governance, agriculture and livelihoods, youth development, and emergency and disaster management. FOCCAD works to build girls’ capacity and skills to challenge early forced marriages through training, girl’s camps, income generating activities, education support, and vocational training.

Youth Development and Voice Initiative (YOVI)

YOVI was founded in 2006 by young people who showed concern about the plight of the rural population in Northern Ghana. YOVI works to help empower women, children and other vulnerable groups, especially girls to advocate for the respect of their rights in a wide range of areas, including sexual reproductive health and rights and child protection issues.

People for Change (PFC)

PFC is an organisation which was created in 2010 in the Indian state of Jharkhand. PFC partners with educational institutions to enrich children and youth’s personal and social development through the creation of life journeys and citizenship action projects. PFC also runs a program that focuses on raising awareness on the consequences of child marriage among youth and adolescents.

Children in Need Network (CHIN)

Children In Need Network (CHIN) is a Zambian charity founded in 1993 to coordinate and support organisations that advance the rights and welfare of children in Zambia, including orphans and vulnerable children. CHIN is a national network of over 250 member organisations based in the ten provinces of Zambia, including orphanages, home-based care groups, women’s organisations, NGOs, and drop-in centres.