Ihotu Children and Women Support Initiative (ICAWSI)

ICAWSI is a non-governmental organisation working at the community and regional levels in Plateau State, Nigeria. Set up in 2013, ICAWSI works to provide effective interventions for vulnerable women and children in rural communities through family counselling, mentorship and capacity building programs.

ONG Mouvement International Pour le Développement et l’Humanisme (ONG IMDH)

ONG Mouvement International Pour le Développement et l’Humanisme (ONG IMDH) was created in 2006 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Operating in both Ivory Coast and Togo, ONG IMDH works towards several objectives, including improving access to primary health care, promoting maternal and child health and furthering education and vocational training for youth.

Lowveld Environmental Awareness Programme (LEAP)

Lowveld Environmental Awareness Programme (LEAP) is a community-based organisation working in the Chiredzi District of Zimbabwe. Established in 1991, LEAP works with in-school and out-of-school youth, with a focus on girls and young women, and runs trainings and awareness campaigns with children. LEAP’s main thematic areas are health, human rights & justice, and sustainability.

Italian Association for Women in Development (AIDOS)

AIDOS is an Italian NGO established in 1981 working to build, promote and protect the rights, dignity and freedom of choice of women and girls: a gender perspective for sustainable development. AIDOS has consultative status with ECOSOC and is implementing partner of UNFPA and UNHCR in Italy.

New Chapter Development for Youth (NCDY)

New Chapter Development for Youth (NCDY) is a Tanzanian NGO established in 2004. The organisation was founded at the grassroots level in response to the marginalisation and unmet needs of of children, youth, women and people with disabilities in society. NCDY operates at the national level and is dedicated to serving all people, irrespective of gender/sex, age, tribal group, colour, nationality, and social or political affiliation.

Rwenzori Center for Research and Advocacy (RCRA)

Rwenzori Center for Research and Advocacy (RCRA) is a Ugandan non-governmental organisation founded in 2010. Since its inception, RCRA has developed the capacity to implement sexual and reproductive health programmes, maternal, newborn and child health initiatives, as well as livelihoods and community education programmes. The organisation works in partnership with donors, civil society and local communities, and holds membership with ECOSOC.

Fountain of Good Sport Community Foundation (FOGS Community)

Established in 2018 in Zambia, the Fountain of Good Sport Community Foundation (FOGS Community) is a youth-led organisation promoting children’s rights and gender equality. The organisation fights to end child marriages within the communities where it operates.