Make an impact: Vote to help end early marriage in India

Global human rights organisation Breakthrough has been selected as one of ten finalists for this year’s Google Impact Challenge in India and they need your help to win!

With your support, Breakthrough could win $500,000 to create digital tools that will help end early marriage and violence against women and girls in India.

Vote here before midnight on 30 October.

Breakthrough uses media tools and community mobilisation activities to raise awareness on issues of violence against women and urges men, women and communities to take action to end it.

This year, Breakthrough launched Nation Against Early Marriage – a campaign aimed at delaying the age of marriage in the Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand. These two states have the second and third highest rates of early marriage in India. Breakthrough’s research shows a prevalence of over 60%.

Through digital content such as apps and games, cultural art forms and mobile technology, Breakthrough will change the culture around violence by uprooting generations-old norms and attitudes around gender.

Every vote for Breakthrough in the Google Impact Challenge is a step towards empowering women to stand up and take action against violence.

Every vote is a step towards sensitising men about violence against women and compelling them to take action to end it.

We can end early marriage. And you can help make it happen!

Please vote for Breakthrough here

You need to vote for 4 projects in order of preference to cast your vote.