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Wube-Enat’s story, Ethiopia: Engaged at 10 years old

Half of all girls in Amhara, a region of north-west Ethiopia, will be married before they are fifteen. Some may be promised in marriage as young as five years old.

The consequences of early marriage on a girl’s health can be severe. Pregnancy at this age is a life-threatening risk: girls under 15 are five times more likely to die in child-birth than women in their 20s.

In this film by Girls Not Brides member Safe Hands for Mothers we follow the story of Wube-Enat, who is 10 years-old and is engaged to be married. Abebe, her husband-to-be, is also a child groom. He is just 15 years-old.

We also hear the views of people who live in Wube-Enat and Abebe’s community. The parents, priests and prosecutors share their views on child marriage and explain why the tradition is so difficult to change.