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Girls Not Brides’ response to racism and systemic injustices

Girls Not Brides: The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage condemns unequivocally the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the many others before them who have died at the hands of the police. We stand in solidarity with those peaceful protestors around the world who have taken to the streets in opposition to these killings and the racism that underpins them, and support anti-racism activists and movements fighting to dismantle systemic injustices. Silence is not an option. We must act together as a global community – as humanity – to end racial injustice.

Chief Executive Officer of Girls Not Brides, Dr. Faith Mwangi-Powell, says: “I know that all of us need to do better to end systemic racism and broader inequality, and break down the inequitable power structures that still exist in our sector. I and our Board of Trustees are committed to increasing diversity and representation across all levels of our organisation.

“We are fully committed to shifting power to those most affected by the issues we work on within our global partnership to end child marriage. This is a journey in which we are learning a great deal; we are focused on ensuring our organisational ethos and systems make that shift. I will continue to work with our Board, staff and member organisations on this with vigour and purpose. It is the least we can do to honour the lives of those we have lost.”

Girls Not Brides believes in the power of partnerships to ensure social change. We look forward to working with our member organisations and the wider international development sector to ensure that the current momentum leads to concrete actions that contribute to ending racial injustice and inequality.