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What is the Girl Summit?

Heard lots about the upcoming Girl Summit, but not quite sure what it is? Read our blog to find out more and how to get involved.


The UK government and UNICEF are co-hosting the first Girl Summit, an international conference that will address child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM) around the world.

The plenary event is only open to invitees and will see the launch of new UNICEF data on prevalence rates of child marriage and will highlight strategies to end child marriage and FGM.

Other topics of discussion will include how we measure progress, what role faith communities can play, and how legislation can be used in ending both practices.


The Summit will bring together government ministers from affected countries and high income countries, community leaders, civil society and the private sector. It is expected that 40% of attendees will be from affected countries.

Invitations to the Summit are closed, however there are plans to live stream the event.


The Summit aims to secure new commitments from governments, the private sector, faith leaders and civil society organisations to end child marriage and FGM within a generation.

An accountability framework is being developed which will monitor commitments made at the Summit. The Summit will also share success stories from individuals from affected countries.

When and where?

The Summit will take place on Tuesday, 22 July in London (the exact location is still to be announced). Local tie-in events are being organised in many countries, including USA and Kenya, by DFID (Department for International Development) offices.

Contact your local DFID office to see if there is an event in your country.

In addition to the main Summit, other events include:

  • Saturday, July 19: A youth focused event #youthforchange, led by DFID with Plan UK, which will feed a youth declaration into the main Summit.
  • Sunday, July 20: Girl Effect Live, a groundbreaking festival hosted by the Nike Foundation that will provide a day of celebration, creation and conversation about the potential of girls to end poverty.
  • Monday, July 21: A research day put on by DFID and Girl Summit reception hosted by the Orchid Project.

How can you get involved?

Join the social media campaign

Pledge your support to help end child marriage and FGM at Share your pledge on your Twitter and Facebook to encourage friends and followers to do the same.

Sign the Girl Summit Charter

Organisations can sign on to a global declaration, the Girl Summit Charter, which calls for an end to child marriage and FGM everywhere.

What is Girls Not Brides doing around the Summit?

Girls Not Brides served as a member of the Reference Group for the Summit and has sought throughout to highlight the work our members are doing to end child marriage.

Girls Not Brides members are presenting on nearly every panel discussion. Mabel Van Oranje, Chair of the Girls Not Brides Board of Trustees, will be moderating a panel on child marriage which is being organised by UNICEF.

Girls Not Brides will be holding member only events before and after the Summit (registration for these events is now closed) and is co-sponsoring the Girl Declaration pre-reception event which will take place on Monday, 21 July.

Girls Not Brides will also be holding a stall in the marketplace – come and say hello if you are attending the Summit!

Find out more about the Girl Summit here.

Media enquiries

Interviews are available with Girls Not Brides members in the lead up to and at the Girl Summit. Contact for more information.