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Call for stories: looking for change makers working to end child marriage

Youth campaigners from Mukuni school in Chibombo | Photo credit: Jessica Lea | Department for International Development

Who are the change makers who are helping to end child marriage in your village, town, region or country?

To mark International Day of the Girl and Girls Not Brides’ 5th anniversary, we’d like to profile the people who are making a real difference towards ending child marriage; people who through their own efforts and by motivating others are turning the vision of a world without child marriage into a reality.

Tell us about your change makers – don’t worry, you don’t need to write a long essay, just fill out a short form telling us a few things about them including why they inspire you; what they have achieved and how they have done it. We also need their name, which village/town they are from and also which country.

Who we are looking for

They can be young or old, female or male, be a school girl/boy, chief or a parliamentarian, funder or local activist, etc…. They may be a member of the Girls Not Brides Partnership or not. We’d also like to see a photo of them so if you have one, send it to us!

Story and photo consent

Once we have selected the most inspiring change makers, we will seek their consent to use their stories and any photos.

The stories and photos selected would be used to demonstrate progress towards ending child marriage, and may be used in a variety of ways including:

  • Shared, printed, enlarged, cropped; edited for length/readability, and/or translated and adapted at our discretion.
  • Reproduced via news media (print, broadcast and online), on television and/or posted online, including on our website and through social media, and to be included in news or feature articles.
  • Shared digitally with Girls Not Brides members and partners.

In accordance with our child safeguarding policy, taking a photo of a child, photo, filming or using other image recorders must be done with the full and informed consent from the child and their parent or carer.

Both children and parents/carers must be provided with sufficient explanation to make an informed decision. This must include information about how and where photographs and stories will be used and in what media (see above).

How to submit and deadline

To nominate a change maker and share their stories, complete this form by COB on Thursday 8 September.

If you have any queries, please contact: