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Happy International Day of the Girl! Let’s celebrate together

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On 11 October, the international community will celebrate Day of the Girl Child, a day dedicated to bringing to light the issues that matter to girls around the world.

It is a day to raise our voice and call for action on the practices that are holding girls back. Join us in calling for an end to child marriage!

Here’s why.

Child marriage concerns us all.

Every year, 14 million girls marry as children. Robbed of their childhood they are denied their right to education, health and to a life of their own choosing.

Child marriage does not just affect girls; it affects us all. It undermines our efforts to address some of the world’s most pressing issues: poverty, hunger, maternal mortality, education.

Simply put, it undermines our efforts to build a better, safer and fairer world for all.

Ending child marriage can happen.

When faced with a problem on this scale, a problem with such severe consequences for girls, we can feel dispirited. There’s a misconception that child marriage is impossible to address because it is too complicated and too steeped in cultural traditions. That’s not the case.

Ending child marriage will not be easy, nor will it take place overnight. But it can happen. Girls Not Brides members are seeing that change is happening, in all parts of the world.

This year’s theme – “Innovating for Girls’ Education” is an opportunity to highlight the innovative work underway to ensure girls can stay in school, finish their education and avoid child marriage.

The global movement to end child marriage is growing. Be a part of it!

Since the first Day of the Girl was celebrated in October 2012, the movement to end child marriage has grown to over 300 organisations in 54 different countries, thousands of activists, and countless supporters around the world.

International Day of the Girl is chance to show that, now more than ever, this movement is determined to make child marriage history. And you can be a part of it!

We need YOUR help to reach more people!

Change is happening. The international community is increasingly recognising how child marriage hinders girls’ potential and our own efforts to address global poverty.

Last week, over 100 governments at the UN Human Rights Council recognised that child marriage violates the rights of girls and that we should work together to strengthen our efforts to end this practice.

But change isn’t happening fast enough.

We need your help to reach more people.

Start a conversation. Spread the word. Make your voice heard.

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