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“Casablanca Calling”: A quiet social revolution in Morocco

Young girl demonstrating in Morocco. Photo credit: Casablanca Calling.

Casablanca Calling is the story of a quiet social revolution in Morocco. In a country where 60% of women have never been to school, a new generation of women have started work as official Muslim leaders or Morchidat.

The Morchidat work in the poorest communities to separate the true teachings of Islam from prejudice and misunderstanding; support girls’ education; campaign against early marriage; and encourage young people to build a better Morocco, rather than dreaming of life in the West.

Casablanca Calling is an intimate portrait of three Morchidat, a society in transition, and a mission to educate a nation.

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In this short excerpt, we meet Hannane who works with older women in the mosque and with teenagers in schools to prevent early marriages, and Bouchra, a Morchidat who works in a rural area where many girls are married off early and miss out on school.


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