Become a member

Dear prospective members,

Thank you very much for your interest in becoming a member of Girls Not Brides.

Please note that Girls Not Brides is organising several events and due to limited staff capacity, we will be unable to process any new membership applications for the month of May. The online application portal will therefore remain closed and will re-open on the first Monday of June (3 June 2019). We apologise for the inconvenience.

We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and patience and look forward to receiving your applications in June.

Who can become a member

Girls Not Brides is open to civil society organisations committed to working in partnership to end child marriage.

Girls Not Brides members must want to participate in the Partnership and share their expertise with other members.

All members must endorse our Mission Statement and Membership Principles.

Can individuals become members?

Girls Not Brides is only open to civil society. You can support our work and help end child marriage in other ways:

Why become a member?

Collaborate to advocate for change

Together, Girls Not Brides members develop and implement advocacy strategies to urge influential bodies – such as the United Nations General Assembly, the UN Human Rights Council and the African Union – to take action on child marriage. Many members work together in their countries to advocate for relevant national laws, policies or action.

Increase your visibility

Members can raise the profile of their work by being connected to an increasingly recognised and growing global Partnership. They can benefit from opportunities to connect with journalists, and by having their work profiled on the Girls Not Brides website and on social media. Girls Not Brides members seize opportunities, such as International Day of the Girl Child or Day of the African Child, to speak collectively as a movement.

Learn from others

Girls Not Brides provides opportunities for members to connect with other organisations working on similar issues and share their expertise and challenges in addressing child marriage. Members can also strengthen their capacity through meetings, newsletters and online platforms, such as learning webinars and our resource centre.

Power in unity

Girls Not Brides fosters the critical connections that help members to enhance their work. We link up organisations working on child marriage in the same country or region, or working on similar issues. We provide opportunities for members to interact in person, as well as online through webinars, calls and email groups. Where possible, we connect members with stakeholders, including journalists and potential donors.