Our strategy


In 2013, the Girls Not Brides secretariat conducted a series of consultations with members from around the world, as well as with other key partners and stakeholders, to develop a three-year strategy for the Partnership.

They agreed on five overarching strategic objectives:

  • Major inter-governmental processes and fora commit to taking action on child marriage
  • The evidence base on child marriage has increased
  • Country-wide efforts to address child marriage are supported and highlighted
  • Increased funding is available globally to support effective efforts to address child marriage
  • The global movement to end child marriage continues to grow and strengthen

Developing Girls Not Brides' 2017 -2020 strategy

Throughout 2016, Girls Not Brides members have been coming together to develop the Partnership’s next strategy for 2017-2020. To end child marriage in a generation, we need to coordinate and collaborate for maximum impact. The new strategy will offer a joint pathway for our work together over the next five years.

As you can see in the graphic below, there have been three different rounds of consultation where members and other partners in the broader movement to end child marriage s have been invited to provide input and share their expertise.

The consultation process is now closed. We will use your feedback on the draft strategy to develop a final version, and share it with you early in 2017.

Click here to view a presentation about how the strategy was developed, what it contains and why it matters to Girls Not Brides members.

The consultation process so far

The draft strategy was developed by the Girls Not Brides secretariat with the input of members and other stakeholders in the broader movement to end child marriage. We want to thank everyone who has contributed into the strategy development process so far. Please see the accompanying report on the consultations for more detail about the consultation process and findings.



Why a new strategy?

By working together, Girls Not Brides members have dramatically accelerated progress to end child marriage. From a standalone target in the Sustainable Development Goals, regional commitments by the African Union and the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation, to the development of national strategies in a number of countries, progress has been faster than many of us anticipated.

But now the international movement to end child marriage must shift from awareness-raising and global commitments to accelerating change in the lives of girls. This makes our work all the more challenging and complex, and there are many big strategic questions to consider:

  • How do we maintain global attention and funding for efforts to end child marriage?
  • How do we accelerate progress in light of population growth?
  • What will it take for governments to honour their commitments, and implement and fund well-planned, coherent and comprehensive national strategies to end child marriage?
  • What is the role ofGirls Not Brides members, National Partnerships, the Partnership as a whole, and the secretariat in all of the above?
  • What choices and trade-offs does the Partnership need to make given our finite resources and capacity?

As Girls Not Brides’ current strategy expires at the end of 2016, we have an opportunity to come together, reflect on these changes, and develop a roadmap that will guide our work together over the next five years.

Without Girls Not Brides members’ knowledge and expertise, the new strategy will not deliver the impact we need to see.

Who has been involved in the strategy development process?

StrategiSense. The Girls Not Brides secretariat has enlisted consultancy firm StrategiSense to design, manage and facilitate the first two rounds of the consultation process.

The Girls Not Brides secretariat. The Girls Not Brides secretariat is overseeing the execution of the strategy development process, providing logistical support, and leading on the communication of the process and dissemination of the final strategy. The Girls Not Brides secretariat will also contribute to the content of the strategy.

A Member Reference Group. To ensure that the expertise of members is regularly informing the process and content of the new strategy, a Member Reference Group has been mobilised. This group is made up of a diverse range of Girls Not Brides members from different geographic regions. Some focus their work at the grassroots level, others have a national or international remit. They each offer technical expertise in a variety of areas and sectors. The group will meet regularly to advise on the process proposed for developing the strategy and they will contribute to the analysis of strategy consultation findings. We also hope this group will play an important role in championing the strategy once it is ready for launch.

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