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Girls Not Brides is inspired by the courageous work done day-in, day-out by our members to end child marriage.

Girls Not Brides is partnering with Catapult to connect you directly with our members and give you the chance to support their work to empower child brides and help adolescent girls avoid early marriage.

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If we do nothing, 142 million girls will become #childbrides in the next decade
Girls under 15 are 5 times more likely to die in childbirth than women in their 20s
The children of #childbrides are 50% more likely to die in their 1st year of life than children born to mothers over 19
#Childmarriage denies girls the educational & economic opportunities to help lift her & her family out of poverty
1 in 3 girls in the developing world is married before 18; 1 in 9 girls is married before the age of 15
#Childmarriage violates girls' rights to health, education, security and choice about when and whom they marry