FXB India Suraksha

FXB India Suraksha (FXBIS) is an Indian NGO providing integrated developmental assistance to marginalised families and communities in rural and urban India. The organisation aims to reduce vulnerabilities related to poverty, health, education and protection. FXBIS’s vision is to see an India in which children and women lead self-reliant and empowered lives, achieving their full potential in a healthy, poverty-free and protective environment.

African Women Service Trust (AWOST)

African Women Service Trust (AWOST) works alongside other organisations to end child marriage in Uganda by keeping girls in school. The organisation moreover trains communities in income generating activities through voluntary savings and works to encourage environmental change and food security.

Lebanese Alternative Learning

Lebanese Alternative Learning is a Lebanese non-profit organisation which aims to develop alternative educational resources through technology and creative interventions. A network of educators, technology experts and communication specialists work closely together to prevent school dropouts. The organisation partners with the Malala Fund to empower secondary girls.

Sankalpa Community Based Rehabilitation

Sankalpa Community Based Rehabilitation works with impoverished and marginalised people in Nepal, to eradicate injustice and poverty. The organisation advocates on behalf of people at risk, and works to protect their rights and release them from poverty, exploitation and abuse. Amongst other things, the organisation supports all children to ensure they can access quality education in a safe and equitable environment.

Law and Development Association (LADA)

Law and Development Association (LADA) is a human rights NGO operating in Zambia since 1996. It works to address child protection issues, human rights violations, and gender-based violence through paralegal service provision in rural areas.

Global Family Network

Founded in 2012 in Zambia, the Global Family Network provides girls with alternatives to child marriage, in its own province and across the nation at large. It aims to protect the girl child from subjugation, poverty, violence, and the devastating health effects that are linked to child marriage. The ultimate goal is to provide girls with an opportunity for better health, more education, greater personal and economic self-determination, and a brighter future.

Forum for Concerned Young People (FOCO-YOPE)

Forum for Concerned Young People (FOCO-YOPE) is a national non-governmental youth-led organisation operating in Malawi. FOCO-YOPE focuses on human rights, public health, youth economic empowerment, sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and good governance. Its aim is to encourage young people to be responsible and productive.