Power to Girls commitments

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Mary Robinson

  • Ireland

I support Power to Girls by committing empowering girls. We must address the issue of poverty and marginalisation, which lead to child marriage. We need to recognise that COVID has had a very real effect around the world of increasing the number of people in poverty and therefore increasing child marriage. Let's also work together to make sure girls in Afghanistan don’t get pushed into marriage and can stay in school

Srijan Foundation

  • India

Main areas of work

  • Sustainability
  • Safety & Security
  • Poverty
  • Human Rights & Justice
  • Health
  • Education

I commit that I will work to empower girls and create an ecosystem of equality to empower their voices.

SIDA, Sweden

  • Sweden

SIDA will support Power to Girls as a donor through investment in key sectors including education, health and SRHR and support for civil society organisations who work with children and young women to liberate the power they hold, and in line with the feminist foreign policy commitments of the government of Sweden we will advocate for an end to child marriage and policies that respect the right of girls’ and boys’ to decide over their own bodies and lives.

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Mesa de la Niña Guatemala

  • Guatemala

Me comprometo a tener disponibilidad para escuchar a las niñas y adolescentes y a ser un canal para llevar sus peticiones, sueños y realidades a las autoridades; a visibilizar la realidad de las niñas de Guatemala y que esta realidad se pueda cambiar.

A Supporter

  • Mali

I was for 3 years coordinator of INGO and national CSO forums against child marriage. I am proud to have pushed the agenda against child marriage and GBV in Niger and West Africa which has resulted in concrete public policies that girls and women continue to benefit from. It is a fight that I will continue always and everywhere.

Miranda Dobson

  • United Kingdom

I support #PowerToGirls by committing to keep girls at the centre of my work - every action we take as Development professionals working to #EndChildMarriage must focus on that aim.

Nilofar Bakhtiar

  • Pakistan

I commit to ending child marriages by making efforts to ensure federal and provincial legal frameworks in line with international human rights standards, including the age of majority and the legal age for marriage for girls and boys, the prohibition of forced marriage and birth and marriage registrations.

Hafsa Binte Nasrullah

  • Pakistan

I commit to ending child marriages by connecting girls with services and opportunities offered by the government and non-government organisations and to understand girls’ rights to information, expression, privacy and confidentiality, including the freedom to seek, receive and impart information.

Shumaila Nunawar

  • Pakistan

I commit to ending child marriages by empowering girls with information, skills and support networks and at the same time educate and rally parents and community members.

Sidra Batool

  • Pakistan

I commit to ending child marriages by initiating programmes that draw on robust evidence, informed by the views of marginalized girls and boys, to empower communities and strengthen the systems that act as a safeguard against child marriage, such as education and social protection.

Muhammad Irfan

  • Pakistan

I commit to ending child marriages by working with communities at grassroots level and educating them about the inequalities between boys and girls driven by harmful social and gender norms.

Syed Faisal Ali Shah

  • Pakistan

I commit to ending child marriages by empowering and mobilizing girls to stay in school. I will initiate grassroot efforts to address the root causes of child marriage and identify opportunities for change.