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7 musts when creating successful radio and TV programmes to address child marriage


Awakening the mind: street theatre takes on child marriage


The Lost Girls of Nepal: Girls Not Brides discusses child marriage on CBS


5 powerful comic books tackling child marriage


Child marriage: what do social norms have to do with it?


6 facts you need to know about child marriage in Nepal


The roving shelters: improving girls’ lives in post-earthquake Nepal


From child, to bride, to mother in Nepal: Radhika’s story


Meet Nepal’s child brides and grooms


Nepal: Rachana’s story, from potential child bride to community leader


Nepal: “I do not want to get married before completing my education”

The story of Samjhana's grandmother who was married at the age of seven.

Samjhana’s story, Nepal




South Asia

Keeping girls in secondary school with bicycles

A case study that looks at how providing girls in secondary school with bicycles can stay in school and out of marriage.

Effect of child marriage on girls’ school dropout in Nepal: Analysis of data from the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2014

This research article explores how delaying marriage will help reduce girls’ school dropout in Nepal.

Lessons learned from national initiatives to end child marriage – 2016

This report explores lessons learned from the growing number of national initiatives to end child marriage around the world, particular with regards to implementation.

Ending impunity for child marriage in Nepal: a review of normative and implementation gaps

This policy brief looks at the legal gaps and inconsistencies related to child marriage in Nepal, and provides recommendations on how to address them.

Female-friendly spaces in a post-earthquake Nepal

In this case study, we explore Aura Freedom International’s female-friendly spaces in post-earthquake Nepal.

“Our time to sing and play” Child marriage in Nepal

The report highlights the alarming rise of love marriages and provides detailed recommendations about how the government can take more steps to prevent child marriage.

Understanding and addressing child marriage. A scoping study of available academic and programmatic literature for the HER CHOICE Alliance

This study provides an in-depth look at the issue of child marriage across the Her Alliance 11 focus countries