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Webinar: Beyond Criminalisation. A feminist online dialogue series – When laws harm

2:00 pm, 16th July 2020

Realising Sexual and Reproductive Justice (RESURJ) webinar: Beyond Criminalisation – A feminist online dialogue series. Dialogue 1 (When laws harm)

JULY 16 2020, 14:00 PM BST

REGISTRATION: You can register to join the webinar here.

Join RESURJ and accomplices for a series of online dialogues on key and emerging issues from the report: “Beyond Criminalisation: A Feminist questioning of criminal justice interventions to address Sexual and Reproductive Rights violations.” The online dialogues aim to provide a constructive feminist space for a deeper dive into feminist fault-lines, comprehensive responses to sexual and reproductive rights violations, and urgent issues around criminalisation.

In this first webinar: “When Laws Harm,” it will explore and consider the various ways in which laws that criminalise sexualities, bodies, and identities more broadly, harm and impact sexual and reproductive justice. It will explore how protectionist laws that address SRHR violations such as FGM, IPV, and Child Marriage, aiming to protect adolescents, women, and marginalised communities, also harm, criminalise communities and create conditions that allow for violations to occur in the first place.