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Webinar: A global conversation on the impact of COVID-19 on girls’ lives

4:00 pm, 28th July 2020

Girl Rising webinar: A global conversation on the impact of COVID-19 on girls’ lives

July 28 2020, 16:00 PM BST

REGISTRATION: You can register to join the webinar here.

More than 700 million girls around the world are currently not in school due to COVID-19 and the resulting lockdowns. An estimated 10 million girls will never set foot in a classroom again. And even those that do will, in too many communities, continue to be held back by limiting and discriminatory social norms. As the world progressively reopens schools, it is critical to understand the realities of girls, their experiences, and challenges to ensure all girls everywhere are supported in returning to school. And further, it is critical to understand what is needed besides simply being in school to ensure girls can write their own futures.

In this webinar, there will be members of the Girl Rising Youth Task Force to converse with and ask questions to the country representatives from India, Guatemala and Kenya in order to help us all understand the girl dimension to the school closures taking place all over the world. The discussion will explore what is the reality for girls, what have local responses been, what is missing in those responses and what is Girl Rising specifically doing to address these issues.