"Sub-Saharan Africa" Results:


From local to global: how NIGEE raised funds to end child marriage in Kenya

The "Households against child marriage" project in Nadundo, a community in the Mion district, Northern Ghana. © NORSAAC

Households against child marriage: an innovative approach from Ghana

Girls participating in the IWEI's income generating workshops. Photo credit: IWEI

Economic empowerment and child marriage: lessons from Nigeria

Malawi newspaper 14 Feb

Malawi: Constitution will no longer allow child marriage

Photo credit: Flickr US Aid Africa Bureau 21 December 2007 http://bit.ly/2i0mYrf

Liberia launches the African Union Campaign to End Child Marriage

Photo credit: Maryam Mohsin / Girls Not Brides.

Empowering girls to end child marriage and gender-based violence in Mozambique

Photo credit: Lindsay Mgbor / DFID UK.

Putting girls at the centre in Malawi

Photo credit: Maryam Mohsin | Girls Not Brides

Marrying at 15: “I was convinced I was doing the right thing”

Girls' voices video

Nigeria: “If a girl is 15 years old and she is not married, people will start complaining”

Photo credit: World Vision Mozambique

Mozambique: how Salmina avoided marriage with help from a local chief

Photo credit: Hassan Ouazzani, Girls Not Brides

The Gambia: from grass to grace, a young feminist shapes the global agenda

Memory Banda TED talk

Malawi: Memory Banda, a warrior’s cry against child marriage

A story of early marriage in Ghana

Two sisters, two different paths: Early marriage in Ghana

"I did not know anything about marriage" -Testimony of a child bride, from Malawi - Human Rights Watch

Malawi: “I was told never to deny him sex” Kalinde’s story








South Sudan







Pop COuncil UNFPA Burkina

Étude sur le mariage précoce dans la région de la Boucle du Mouhoun, Burkina Faso

Ce rapport explore les facteurs socio-économiques du mariage des enfants dans la Boucle du Mouhoun au Burkina Faso, et propose des recommandations clés pour y mettre fin.

Africa article

Has child marriage declined in sub-saharan Africa? An analysis of trends in 31 Countries

Author Alissa Koski, Shelley Clark, Arijit Nandi

This study used Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) from 31 countries to examine trends in child marriage in Africa.


Mettre fin au mariage des enfants et la propagation du VIH: opportunités et défis

ette étude de la commission de l'Union africaine explore les liens, peu connus de la littérature, entre le mariage des enfants et le sida.


Ending child marriage and stopping the spread of HIV: opportunities and challenges for action

This review by the African Union Commission delves into what little is known about the relationship between child marriage and HIV in the existing literature.


Reducing child marriage in India: a model to scale up results

Author Jyotsna Jha

Building on a district level analysis of child marriage in India, this report develops a strategic framework for scaled-up programmes to reduce child marriage.


Preventing child marriage in Somaliland

Author Save the Children Canada

Save the Children Canada is using a comprehensive and holistic model to address child marriage in Somaliland working with girls, parents, health and community workers.


The effects of traditional and religious practices of child marriage on Africa’s socio-economic development: a review of research, reports and toolkits from Africa

Author African Union

This report examines the role of religion and traditions in relation to child marriage, and their impact on the development of the African continent.

Official documents

National Strategy on Ending Child Marriage in Burkina Faso 2016-2025

 |  17.10.2016

Official documents

Tchad: ordonnance no. 006/PR/2015 et loi no. 029/PR/2015 sur l’interdiction du mariage d’enfants

 |  21.07.2015

Official documents

Tchad: feuille de route de lutte contre le mariage des enfants et les mutilations génitales féminines

Author: Organisation of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS (OAFLA), United Nations Chad, Ministère de la Femme, de l’action sociale et de la solidarité nationale du Tchad  |  19.08.2016

Official documents

National Strategy on Ending Child Marriage in Zambia 2016-2021

Author: Zambia Ministry of Gender and Child Development  |  05.04.2016

Case studies (Etudes de cas)

Union pour les droits corporels

Author: Girls Not Brides, Amref Health Africa  |  28.09.2015

Case studies (Etudes de cas)

Campagne de retour à l’école: Initiative de Mfera en faveur de l’éducation

Author: Girls Not Brides, Camfed  |  28.09.2015

Case studies (Etudes de cas)

Using data to see and select the most vulnerable adolescent girls

Author: Sarah Engebretson, Population Council  |  07.01.2012