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Celebrating change makers: Priya Shankar co‑founder of Girls Health Champions


India: the teenage girls standing up to patriarchy


Celebrating change makers: Kriti Bharti, founder of The Saarthi Trust, India


A window into the future: involving boys to end child marriage


Ending child marriage in South Asia: a regional action plan


Family planning for married girls: lessons learned from ICFP 2016


Protecting girls from child marriage: survivors, activists speak out


India: “Stay in school. You can change the world.” A child bride’s mission to end child marriage


India: teenage girl from Rajasthan campaigns against child marriage


India: Letting girls believe in their dreams again. Usha’s story

Defying expectations: Laxmi chose sports over child marriage

I believe I can: Laxmi’s story, India

13-year-old Moushumi, India, avoided child marriage after enrolling in Landesa's land programme

Now, it is Moushumi’s turn

Child bride Reena wants her better life for a young sisters - a life free of child marriage.

India: a young bride fights back, Reena’s story

Black and white drawing of a young girl entitled "It's a girl".

Poem: “I remember”




South Asia

Honour and prestige: the influence of social norms on violence against women and girls in Karnataka, South India

Author Ben Cislaghi, Parinita Bhattacharjee

This study explores how social norms influence child marriage and intimate partner violence in Karnataka, India.

Community experiences with Project RISHTA: A youth empowerment program to delay marriage in Jharkhand, India

This brief explores how participants to a youth empowerment programme perceived its impact in delaying marriage.

Solutions: l’éducation par le divertissement et le mariage des enfants

Cette note explore l'éducation par le divertissement comme stratégie pour mettre fin au mariage des enfants.

Making the continuum of care work for mothers and infants: does gender equity matter? Findings from a quasi-experimental study in Bihar, India

Author Lotus McDougal , Yamini Atmavilas, Katherine Hay, Jay G. Silverman, Usha K. Tarigopula, Anita Raj

This study shows how child marriage attenuated the impact of an health programme on reproductive, maternal and newborn health in Bihar, India.

Reducing child marriage in India: a model to scale up results

Author Jyotsna Jha

Building on a district level analysis of child marriage in India, this report develops a strategic framework for scaled-up programmes to reduce child marriage.

District-level study on child marriage in India: what do we know about the prevalence, trends and patterns?

Author Padmavathi Srinivasan, Nizamuddin Khan, Ravi Verma, Dora Giusti, Joachim Theis, Supriti Chakraborty

ICRW with support from UNICEF have undertaken an analysis of the prevalence and key drivers of child marriage at the district level in India.

Child marriage and early child-bearing in India: risk factors and policy implications

Author Jennifer Roest

This policy brief explores the causes of child marriage and early child-bearing in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, India, and the factors which help to prevent them.

Case studies (Etudes de cas)

“Main kuch bhu kar sakti hoon” – Je suis une femme et je peux tout réaliser : une initiative multimédia

Author: Girls Not Brides, Population Foundation of India  |  01.02.2016

Case studies (Etudes de cas)

Multi-media edutainment initiative ‘Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon’ – I, a woman, can achieve anything

Author: Girls Not Brides, Population Foundation of India  |  01.02.2016


Child, early and forced marriage resource guide

Author: Alison M. Glinski, Magnolia Sexton, Lis Meyers  |  01.09.2015

Toolkits (Boite à outils)

Remedies for forced marriage. A handbook for lawyers

Author: International Center for the Legal Protection of Human Rights (INTERIGHTS)  |  01.01.2014

Videos (Vidéos)

Approaches to ending child marriage: what does the evidence tell us?

Author: Girls Not Brides  |  19.05.2015