"Economic empowerment" Results:


Economic empowerment and child marriage: lessons from Nigeria


Are economic incentives enough to prevent child marriage? Findings from Haryana, India


How rural girls are standing up to child marriage in India

Girls take part in Landesa programme on child marriage in West Bengal, India

A simple solution to a major problem: how information empowers girls against child marriage

Landesa community training on women's land rights, Kenya ¦ Girls Not Brides

How ensuring women’s rights to land keeps girls out of child marriage in Kenya


Egypt: Girls don’t have alternatives: Aaliyah’s story

13-year-old Moushumi, India, avoided child marriage after enrolling in Landesa's land programme

Now, it is Moushumi’s turn

Child marriage in Uttar Pradesh, India. Family Planning Association of India.

From mother to daughter: the economic hardships behind child marriage in India

Anita, from India, avoided child marriage. She's the Girl Effect.

The Girl Effect: Anita’s story, India

Narmada had to make a tough choice: accepting her parents' plans for child marriage, or leaving them to get an education.

“They appreciate my decision” Preventing child marriage in India

Tigist's story of being married at the age of 15 in Ethiopia's Central Highlands.

Eyes that haunt: Life as seen by an Ethiopian child bride

Thanks to the support of ALVF Cameroon, Mairamou escaped child marriage.

Mairamou’s story, Cameroon

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“She cannot just sit around waiting to turn twenty”: understanding why child marriage persists in Kenya and Zambia

This report explores the pathways that lead to child marriage in Kenya and Zambia, and provides recommendations on how to address the issue in these contexts.

Is working risky or protective for married adolescent girls in urban slums in Kenya? Understanding the association between working status, savings and intimate-partner violence

This paper by Population Council looks at intimate partner violence among married adolescent girls living in urban slums in Kenya.

Adolescent Girl Initiative: resource guide

Early marriage in Africa – Trends, harmful effects and interventions

Exploring the harmful effects of early marriage in Sub-Saharan Africa and its impact on the health, education and economic well-being of young girls

High stakes for young lives: examining strategies to stop child marriage

This working paper examines the social, economic and cultural factors driving child marriage and the strategies for ending child marriage.

Impact of conditional cash transfers on girls’ education

Describes the findings from the first survey to assess the impact of a conditional cash transfer program to prevent early and forced marriage in Haryana, India.